Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Looking at different career options

The teaching part of my PGCE is over and now I have just got to wait until mid-July for the official confirmation that I have passed the course. The final lecture was rather an anti-climax as the lecturer didn’t turn up until 30 minutes after the official start time and by then quite a few of the course members had given up waiting and had left the lecture theatre. 
On a 1 year course, especially on a course when you spend most of the time away on school placements, you never get to know most of the other students. There were several people that I couldn’t remember ever speaking to. 
Now the PGCE course has finished I no longer count as a student and so I’m not eligible to compete for the university sports teams or to attend the Bereavement Support Group. Both of these things are rather sad as I have enjoyed getting involved in competitive sport and the BSG has helped me quite a lot over the last 4 years. 
As regular readers will know when Mum and Dad were killed I inherited their house. In the five years since then most of it has been altered – everything except their joint study. For some reason changing that was like a final confirmation that they were dead and would never be coming back. Well now the carpenter and the decorator have finished the work I employed them to do and the study has been transformed. It looks much better than it did but emotionally it has hit me quite hard. I think I must be suffering from “post-university blues”! 
Since September I have putting together a massive to-do-list. It is over 2 pages long and will take me ages to get through. A few of them might come as a surprise people as I haven’t mentioned them before – mainly because I was so snowed under with work that I didn’t have the energy to explore all the options myself before asking others for advice. 
I’ve pretty much got to do what is called the NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) year and of course I’ve got a full-time position from September to do this. The Head Teacher of my school is the regional co-ordinator for a teacher exchange scheme and I was wondering about doing that from September 2016 for either 6 or 12 months in Canada or New Zealand. They don’t have many applicants so I would have a good chance of being chosen. 
Another option would be doing my NQT year then taking my Doctorate (3 years) before returning to teaching. It is easier to do this at the start of my career rather than later on so I am quite tempted. 
I am still wondering if a career in the Armed Forces might suit me. Senior military staff have encouraged me several times to go in as a graduate and it is a rewarding career in so many ways. It has also been suggested that I could go down the route of full-time modelling. The boss of the agency says I have the looks and body to make £50K a year which is more than I would get teaching.  

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