Saturday, 4 April 2015

On a brief break from the PGCE

The last week before the Easter break wasn't a typical "teaching block" week. I only needed to be in school for three days with Thursday and Friday supposed to be for working on my PGCE portfolio of evidence. This was a rather boring way of spending two days – in fact very boring. 

The two weeks around Easter are in red on the colour coded timetable all the students were given. Red means holiday! The only problem is that the third course assessment has to be finished by April 10th so most of my so-called holiday will be used up working on that. I now have exactly 42 teaching days in school to survive before the end of the course. 

Once Easter is out of the way I will have to start applying for teaching jobs. One science teacher at this school is retiring in July and another is moving on to a promoted post elsewhere so I am hoping that it might create a vacancy for little old me. Nobody seems to be leaving at S’s school so he will almost certainly have to look elsewhere. Not surprisingly the whole job process is going to be mega stressful

The builder from the end of the garden is still being very strange. He thinks that because he wants to do something that everybody else in the area needs to bow down in front of him and to do exactly what he wants. Well I’m not going to unless he makes it very much worth my while financially, and probably not even then. He offered me £300,000 for my house which is £50,000 less than a house just down the road was sold for in January 2015. He must think I’m stupid. He is just the sort of person Mum and Dad would have disliked (bossy and aggressive) and I dislike him as well.

There isn’t any athletics or modelling this weekend so the four of us are going to go out for a couple of day trips. S has sorted out the details but hasn’t told me anything despite me torturing him the other day!


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