Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sally's successful job interview!

I am so pleased and excited because I have got a permanent teaching post for September!

There were three other candidates, all doing their PGCE but none of them was from my university. It was a bit strange sitting in the staff room with the competition especially when they realised that this was “my” school.

We drew numbers out of a hat for the order in which we did the observed lesson. I drew number 4 which meant I was last to perform but it also meant that I was teaching a group of year 12 students whom I know. I thought the lesson went well, I managed to use all the different teaching and learning techniques that my mentor (and Mum and Dad!) had taught me and the feedback I was given at the end confirmed my optimism.

There were 4 people on the interview panel – the Head Teacher, the Head of Science, the Vice-Chair of Governors (the man from the quiz) and the long-term link governor for science who I hadn’t met before but who had known my Mum. I used every scrap of interview technique knowledge that Mum and Dad had ever shared with me and I left the interview room knowing that I hadn’t made a fool of myself. I think I had a pre-prepared answer for all of the questions including the old favourite, “What are the characteristics of an outstanding lesson?”

The other candidates had been given the option of going home and being phoned with the result but they had all decided to stay. I don’t think they were too shocked when after about 20 minutes I was called out of the staff room to be offered the job. Naturally I said “yes please” – of course the job offer depends upon me passing the PGCE but the head teacher strongly implied that wasn’t going to be a problem!
The other applicants had all left by the time I had finished the paperwork so I never got to see them again. I expect they were all muttering about the internal candidate getting the job.

I think Mum and Dad, wherever they are, would be pleased with my days work!

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