Saturday, 25 January 2014

Advice and support from beyond the grave

What seems like an age ago Mum and Dad and I talked about what happened when people die. Dad said he would try to contact me from wherever he had gone during a thunderstorm because he so loved them. In January 2013 on the third anniversary of his and Mum's death what happened? We had a short sharp thunderstorm at breakfast time! Thunderstorms in January don't happen often so it was really spooky that one should happen on such a special day. As soon as I heard the thunder I just knew that Dad had kept his word and was letting me know that he will be watching over me until the time comes for me to join him and Mum again. The tears just poured out of me but not sad tears, happy tears because I knew that the two of them were with me in the kitchen. 

The rest of the day was a bit of an anti-climax after that. I was really busy with my university course that day so I didn't have much time for thinking about what might have been and I suspect that my Mum and Dad would have preferred it that way. Dad's brother and Mum's sister phoned me in the evening so I was able to tell them what had happened and they both became quite emotional.

Mum had always said that she would come to me as a white feather and that it exactly what she did when I had a very difficult decision to make.
Each year a maximum of 4 students on my degree course are given the opportunity to do a paid work experience sandwich year in the USA. I knew it would be a great opportunity to see more of the world and to learn new skills and that it would look good on my CV and improve my chances of getting a good job in my chosen area when I come back to the UK. But I also knew it would mean saying goodbye to my boyfriend and my two closest friends and I wasn’t sure I felt strong enough to cope with that. I also knew that when I did return after the year away all three of them would have graduated and I would have to do my final year of my course with people I didn't know.
Just before the deadline for applying I was sitting upstairs (I had just made the bed) wondering what to do when I saw a white feather blowing against the window! And then straight away I knew that I just wasn't ready to go off on that type of adventure. It so felt like mum was telling me this. So I didn't mention anything about having a year away to my friends and never filled in the application form. I slept so much better that night knowing I had made the right decision.
Was the thunderstorm and the feather just a co-incidence? There is no way of knowing for certain but it gave me a degree of inner peace and that was a big plus in my life.


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