Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sally the Life Model - part 2

I'm just starting to understand when they talk about a pose being "on the limit". It is quite hard to predict when a pose will suddenly goes from being really exciting to do to being really stressful - or the other way round. Every model has their own limit and all sorts of things are supposed to make a difference. It is a bit scary for me finding out where my limits are!

What follows is a typical week during the summer break from studying at university.

The Monday course was at a Girls' High School. I was made to feel welcome and appreciated and there was female member of staff available to help and support me all day. That is really important because the modelling is emotionally quite draining and physically quite hard work. The model, well a new model like me anyway, needs somebody to do all sorts of little jobs like keeping an eye on the time allocated for each pose and to be there, robe at the ready, when the pose is over. At the High School the Head of Department (female) did the teaching and supervision of the year 12 students and her #2 looked after me. There were only 6 pupils (all girls) but as you might expect they were well behaved, well-motivated, well-mannered but perhaps not quite as talented/experienced as the adults from the last course I did.

I've put together a list of different poses around the theme of the female athlete and I've tried to put them into some kind of logical order. Each one has a suggested time listed beside the description so that when I met with the course organiser it is easy for the two of us to agree what I was going to do. I will have to change a few of the timings now I've done the course because odd bits were a bit rushed for the artists and others too long for me to manage.

One of the most interesting parts of the course was at the end when there was a short Q/A session. It is so sad that many of the girls had never really seen parts of their own bodies. I thought, but didn't say, that it isn't good when your boy-friend knows more about your body than you do. I'm really proud of my mum and dad and grateful for what they did for me on having a positive body image. 

I enjoyed the course a lot and would certainly go back there if invited. The staff gave me the highest possible feedback grades which was kind of them and which will go down well at the university.  


The Tuesday course was at a posh boarding school.  There were 7 pupils (all boys) and they were also well behaved, well-motivated and well-mannered. So it was a shame that the staff were not very nice. They treated me more like hired help rather than an invited guest and they made rather a drama of finding me a female chaperone. It clearly hadn't crossed the Head of Department's mind that a bare Sally posing for 7 male pupils and a male Head of Department would need a chaperone. Funny bloke! It took 20 minutes to find one so the course started late and the time lost was taken out of my lunch break. Not that they offered me so much a drop of fluid or bite of food the entire time I was there. Luckily I had brought my own supplies of both.

It was the Head Teacher's PA who was assigned to "help" me - she looked very fierce but she was excellent. There are only 4 ladies on the staff, excluding "domestics" as she called them, and she promised to keep a very close eye on what was going on. This is exactly what the model needs to happen.

The pupils were already in the room when I stepped up onto a raised platform with just a gown on ready to start. Pose 1 is a standing, full frontal pose lasting 10 minutes. It was so funny!!  I handed the robe to my helper and 7 pairs of male eyes, after a brief look at my breasts, went down to my lady bits and pretty much stopped there. One lad didn't seem to start drawing for at least 2 minutes. It is surprisingly ego-boosting to be the centre of attention like this but it doesn't reflect terribly well on the staff or pupils that had hadn't been reminded not to stare quite so openly.

You are going to sigh now.

I decided that it would be sensible to get all their embarrassment out of the way so I changed the order of my poses and I did the 3 minute groin stretch pose straight away. The rest of the session went really well after that so it was the right decision. My heart was thumping away while I was doing it through - keep looking enigmatic Sally!! 

The last bit of the course was rather strange. The last pose on the agreed list was a 10 minute reclining position (on my side facing the artists). It finished, the pupils thanked me very nicely and left the room followed by the Head of Department who I never saw again! He didn't thank me, didn't wait for me to get changed and then show me to the front door - he just vanished?

The PA filled in the appraisal form and gave me all top grades plus a very surprising big hug and "I think you are so brave". 

I enjoyed this course than Monday's. Posing to just ladies feels a little boring after posing to men. I must be very brazen!


I had a chance to look at some of the pictures created on the two days. There is a standing 3/4 back view of me that I really love. It shows my long legs off and the artist was generous with how much breast she gave me as well. It is a bit sad that I will never be able to buy it. It is the sort of picture I could show anybody without being (too) shy about having posed for it. Stewart would have liked a picture of me reclining on a couch. It is a bit more revealing than I remember it being but the artist has captured my face and body shape really well. The sketch of me in the groin stretch pose isn't one for general viewing although it is very accurate if you know what I mean!.  


  1. Brava, Sally! It's the first time I've read what it's like to pose and I really appreciate your sharing. I am so impressed with your parents for instilling a healthy body image. What a gift.

  2. Gosh you are brave! Really enjoyed this post.

    I could never do that. Particularly being a teacher. I'd just want to tell them off, even if they weren't my class. Worst nightmare!!